When you are fearful

When you are fearful

Fear can generate emotions that feel overwhelming. When you acknowledge the emotion, you’re ready now to take the next step. Click to open the video below to learn more about challenging fear
Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying can be subtle or overt. We can adopt the role of victim just as easily as we take on the role of perpetrator or step back and allow it to happen as one of the bystanders, thinking, thank goodness that’s not me. Recognising bullying behaviours is the first step to effect change and create a Safe Workplace.
What does bullying at work look like?
Do you recognise more than one of these behaviours? Do they happen often?

Gossip or rumours

  • Being humiliated or ridiculed
  • Being ignored or excluded
  • Insulting or offensive remarks
  • Persistent criticism of your work
  • Excessive monitoring of your work
  • Threats of violence or abuse
  • Having important information withheld from you
  • Ordered to do work below your level of competence
  • Being exposed to an unmanageable workload
  • Repeated reminders of your mistakes

Changing behaviours is possible when you become aware of what’s happening.

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Being bullied can make you feel quite hopeless because the bully is in control and you never know when they’re going to do or say something to put you down. It’s the uncertainty and the lack of control that makes you feel as if you’re drowing with now way out.